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Hurricane Ida Loss of Use

Most Homeowner’s policies have a Loss of Use clause that entitles you to be reimbursed for living expenses in the event your home become uninhabitable either through damage caused by hurricane or civil evacuation notice. However, very few if any policies actually have a definition of what constitutes an “uninhabitable” residence. Insurance companies, in an effort to keep their pay outs down, will claim you can live in almost any conditions no matter how horrible they might be.

Lack of utilities, leaking roofs, mold and mildew all working together can make your home uninhabitable. If you have a medical condition that leaves you vulnerable to respiratory illness or temperature extremes or require electricity to run medical equipment, all of these can mean your home is “uninhabitable”. In addition, once you begin repairs like gutting your house, tearing out sheetrock, floors and carpets, or replacing a roof your home can become uninhabitable during the course of those repairs as well.

Loss of Use is something you are entitled to collect under most insurance policies. Let the Law Offices of Mark W. Smith & Associates get you what you are owed.

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Mark W. Smith & Associates has represented literally thousands of individuals whose claims were mishandled by their insurance companies, collecting for them literally tens of millions of dollars. Businesses that have been shut down or suffered a loss of income as a result of Hurricane Ida should consider insurance policy reviews. We are here to offer free insurance policy reviews for business interruptions. Clearly, business interruption is a critical area of insurance law which is why owners face extreme challenges getting the compensation they deserve for the losses. We here at Mark w. Smith & Associates can help.

If you were forced to evacuate or if your home become uninhabitable as a result of Hurricane Ida you may well be entitled to LOSS OF USE payments from your insurance company.

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Loss of Use