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Hurricane Ida Business Interruption Claims & Loss of Business Income

Hurricane Ida severely impacted businesses throughout Southeast Louisiana. These business interruptions cost privately owned companies and corporations a massive loss of revenue and insurance companies are doing everything they can to avoid paying. Let Mark W. Smith & Associates help you with your claim. We will review your policy and determine if you may be entitled to Business Interruption coverage. We know what information needs to be presented and we have the accounting and book-keeping experts available to help us go over your books and determine how much you may be entitled to.

If Ida shut down your business and your insurance company is denying your business interruption claim or delaying the procedure, call us! Even if you think they have made the right decision, contact us for a second look.

Mark W. Smith & Associates PLC Is Here For You

Mark W. Smith & Associates has represented literally thousands of individuals whose claims were mishandled by their insurance companies, collecting for them literally tens of millions of dollars. Businesses that have been shut down or suffered a loss of income as a result of Hurricane Ida should consider insurance policy reviews. We are here to offer free insurance policy reviews for business interruptions. Clearly, business interruption is a critical area of insurance law which is why owners face extreme challenges getting the compensation they deserve for the losses. We here at Mark w. Smith & Associates can help.

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Have questions or need help? Email: help@idadamageclaims.com | Call 504-830-7660.